My son was 9 years old then when he first repaired a retro Honda CR8O carburetor. The bike has been sleeping for years and the carburetor was filled with stinking fuel slime. He has to use picks, brass brush, small scraper and a screw driver to pry out the chunks of hard sludge sticking on the carburetor. He was a bit clumsy to spill some rotten fuel on his shirt and you know smelly rotten fuel is :)

Saturday, October 9, 2010

cleaning the carburetor

When he removed the carburetor form the engine, he was got "hi" from the bad stinking smell of rotten gasoline. 

The carburetor was full of sludge and rotten fuel and smells very bad. I asked him if he is OK and he said that he is starting to like the foul smell??? 

He also said that he likes the smell of the parts cleaner??? I think he is half-hi from the smell...

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